Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Hello? Jerry Jones? Anyone home??

WTF? Its not like I am pissed off all the time. May seem like that sometimes but I am a very nice person - just ask around. Once you get on my bad side though...

Jerry Jones. Is he completely out to lunch? I mean seriously - Over $1 billion for a new stadium? You would need 30 years to recoup that investment - how old is the guy; 60? I don't know. You do the math.

I think he is trying to show me up. Yep. Now that gets under my skin - ask that motor mouth Trump. Everyone knows that the Dallas Mavericks is what makes Texas tick. The Cowboys have been around for a long time I know, but damn - they have done jack squat in that past few years. Why doesn't Jones get off his high horse and eat some damn beans with the rest of us? Got some right here over the fire right now. The bean sauce is bubblin' and the can wrapper has clean burnt off long ago. You remember that movie "They Call Me Trinity"? I'm the big brother eating all the beans wanting to smack ol' Jonesy upside the head.

Ohman, I got me some gas from all those beans - or is it all that hot air blowin' from Jerry's World...


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