Thursday, July 12, 2007

CFL - Cuban Football League...

I'll just come out with it. I am thinking of buying the Canadian Football League. The whole damn thing. It's a different game up there - wider fields and only 3 downs to get 10 yards, and I hate to say it but they got bigger balls too - the point being there are differentiators between us (CFL) and the NFL.

I could buy the league lock stock and barrel and still come under the price tag of one NFL team. Chew on that. Then I will open up franchises to every major center in the US, but with the caveat of ONLY playing on Fridays. We will compete with the National Football League for any player in the draft past the first round.

That league has always needed financial assistance and now that they are starting to make better decisions (now there is only ONE 'Roughrider' team in the league - before there were two, believe it or not) I may be able to keep some of the executive staff.

I can't really rename the league the Cuban Football League 'cause we would not be in Cuba, would we? Hmmm, maybe Havana could support a team after the ol' Castro kicks off though.

I have got to make my mind up soon though, the freakin' Canadian exchange rate is damn near parity now and creeping up. It's loonie I tell ya!

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