Monday, July 9, 2007

My Wikipedia entry and smokin' Cubans...

Ok guys - you all know who I am. Sure I like to jump up and down and froth at the mouth during my beloved Mavs games, but there is more to me than that! Just read the juicy Wikipedia entry about me. I kick ass man. Hell even I forgot I sold garbage bags when I was a kid to pay for new sneakers!

Oh that reminds me - got a call yesterday on my new iPhone (Yes, iPhone. I've got Rosie O'Donnell doing Trump's comb-over on it as a background) from Reebok. Some english accented goofball. Anyway he kept putting the emphasis on 'ban' instead of the 'cu' in my name - really pissed me off. Not a good way to start a conversation with me by the way. Its not like my name has a million syllables or something. He was all excited about a new line of sneakers that they want to bring out based on my name and breaking rules. Smokin' Cubans is what he called them. Can you f*cking believe that? He was smoking something that's obvious.

I asked him how he got my number so I could ream the idiot out. Turns out it was my speakers bureau - you know the guys that book all my speaking engagements (don't laugh - $50k per +X baby). Why the hell they gave him my new cell number is beyond me.

Sneakers. Like I have time out of my day to play with designing those. I asked him to send over some options... :)

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