Friday, July 20, 2007

It's worse than I thought...

I am personally shocked by the news of an NBA referee betting on the same games as he was officiating from 2005 to 2007.

I had called Tim a few choice words during our games but never did I suspect that he had money on the game and then proceed to call the game accordingly. I am stunned really.

Sure I believe that some refs have their favorites and are swayed by their personal slants and biases and by what goes on in a game, but never to this extent.

So I have some choice words for Mr. Donaghy, but I will bite my tongue for the moment in case the man has some sort of explanation. As much as I love basketball, this proves that far too much power lies in the subjective hands of a few referees - I am calling for video reviews of ANY play that I want. I demand a refund of ALL my fines paid because of arguing with a ref and for punitive damages associated with working in a fast food outlet. I burnt my pinky, for lord sakes.

It's time to take a Stern look at officiating in the NBA. More later when I am much more calmer...

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